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Holy Trinity is the oldest Greek Orthodox church west of the Mississippi with a vision set squarely on the future. Founded in 1904 by Greek immigrants, today the Parish continues to honor its Hellenic roots while embracing persons of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Both lifelong Orthodox Christians and persons who have chosen to join the Church comprise the congregation.

Holy Trinity’s worship is traditional, warm, and inclusive.  Holy Trinity’s growing and dynamic fellowship groups for all ages teach the Faith and foster relationships by encouraging participants to engage in group discussions. Our charitable Making an Impact groups provide parishioners and non-parishioner with opportunities to demonstrate their love for humanity. A well-organized Sunday School and personal adult catechesis provide substantive religious education. The Choir and Chanters are not merely ensembles, but  humble and joy-filled gatherings of family members.

Holy Trinity is a gathering point for single young adults, family friendly, and a spiritual home providing respite and shelter to persons struggling with the pains and doubts resulting from life in an imperfect world.


“To live our faith, grow our Church, and serve the world as Orthodox Christians”

By following our mission, Holy Trinity aspires to become the paradigm for what a historically ethnic Orthodox church looks like in the 21st century. Our faithful shape this vision through their piety, creativity, and hard work.




Holy Trinity is led by a presbyter (priest) who is accountable to the Metropolitan (Archbishop) of San Francisco. Decisions at Holy Trinity are reached through prayerful deliberation that invites everyone’s honest input. We encourage forthright communication, avoid gossip, and recognize that factionalism has no place in the Church.


Meet the Priest

Father Aris Metrakos

Father Aris has served Holy Trinity since June 2008. He has authored a variety of curricula, ranging from camp programs to small group discussion guides, as well as many widely read articles about parish life and the state of the Church in America. In recent years he has devoted himself to the study of church growth and renewal. Father is a student of languages and a life-long guitarist. He and Presvytera Valerie are blessed with two sons, the perfect daughter-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren.

You can reach Father Aris via email at: fr.aris@yahoo.com


Holy Trinity’s faithful support the Parish through Stewardship. The faithful serve the church by cleaning up after meals, setting up tables and chairs, etc. and by organizing and serving Parish ministries. Members fund the operation of the Parish by making an annual pledge. Recognizing that the Bible defines the tithe (10% of income) as the standard of giving, parishioners are encouraged to support Holy Trinity sacrificially.

November is Stewardship Month at Holy Trinity. As in years past, the Faithful of the Parish are invited to submit a 2019 pledge card, on or before the first Sunday of December (12/2/18).

This year’s theme sums up giving in three powerful words: Glory, Gratitude & Generosity.

God’s blessings are beyond measure and comprehension. Our response to Him can only be what we say so often in our services: Glory to You our God, glory to You!

Gratitude can never be taken to an extreme. We can never say “thank you” enough, particularly when it comes to the thankfulness that comes from embracing life as a believer in God, a Christian, and an Orthodox Christian. In our brokenness He makes us whole. In our lowliness, He raises us up. In our confusion, He brings us clarity. In our estrangement He brings us to Communion and community.

We who glorify God and pour out our gratitude to Him have no choice but to be generous toward His Church. It is in the life of the Church that we encounter our Creator and Savior. There is no such thing as being too generous toward God.

Remember all that we have to be thankful for and give glory to God through generosity.

Funding Our Future Means Not Giving in the Past

We all know what it means when we say that someone is “living in the past.” Have we ever stopped to think  that many of us are “giving in the past.” Many of our faithful were active participants in the construction of the “new” church, completed in 1964.

One 1964 dollar is the equivalent of $8.13 today; conversely, $1.00 would have been worth only $0.12 in 1964. Needless to say, Holy Trinity’s utilities, insurance, supplies, and other operational costs are dramatically higher today than when 999 Brotherhood Way was built.

In 1964, many members of the  Archdiocese had the excellent practice of setting aside $1 per day for the Church. Those same faithful stewards, if they were living in the present, would be giving $2968.82 annually!

Each Steward of the Church has his or her own unique situation; therefore, the Parish never tells anyone “how much” to pledge. But all of us would do well to make sure that when we plan our 2019 Stewardship we are not giving in the past.

Making Our Dreams Come True

 The Parish Council has been hard at work this year identifying specific ways that the Parish can be positioned to grow and expand her ministries and make sure that our physical plant meets the needs of the Parishioners.

There is a general recognition that the staff must be expanded strategically, perhaps through the addition of a Church Administrator, Director of Ministries, or Volunteer Coordinator—or all three!

The Parish Council is looking at ways to heat the church more efficiently and reliably, upgrade our kitchen, and improve the overall appearance of the interior and exterior of the church.

These dreams for our staff and facilities that will help us become an even more dynamic congregation will be realized when the Faithful respond to their call to be generous toward the Church.

Stewardship isn’t just about  paying our bills, its about making our dreams come true.


To participate in our Stewardship program, please call the church office at: (415) 584 - 4747 ext 0.