Holy Trinity’s Fellowship Groups follow the “relational ministry” model. Rather than “talking at attendees” participants are drawn into a discussions and participatory learning. This approach not only increases the likelihood that knowledge will be retained, it moves group members beyond the level of mutual acquaintances and toward the intimacy of the early Church.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Forum Fellowship


The Orthodox Forum is a conversational fellowship group for young adults that addresses matters of faith, morality, and lived Christianity. The Forum meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30PM in the church conference room.


For more information on joining the Orthodox Forum Fellowship, contact Father Aris at: fr.aris@yahoo.com


Faith and Fellowship


Faith & Fellowship is the flagship small group ministry of the Parish. Meeting Tuesdays at 6:30 pm, the evening begins with dinner, transitions to a small group discussion of a Bible-oriented curriculum, and concludes with a brief wrap-up. Faith & Fellowship resumes January 15 with a semester-long study of Second Corninthians.

Holy Trinity Outdoors Fellowship


Holy Trinity outdoors, also known as H3O, is a dynamic fellowship intended to foster fun community interaction and provide for physical exercise as well as the opportunity for participants to connect with one of God’s first gifts - His creation.

Each outdoor adventure is paired with an Orthodox theme so that our physical activity is further elevated to a richer contemplation of our “man-befriending” God.

To join H3O please contact Nick Metrakos at: nick.metrakos@gmail.com

Senior's Fellowship


Conversation, games and interaction are the key characteristics of this group that aims to engage our senior parishioners with each other.

Gatherings are every Wednesday from 10AM - noon in the lower level of the church.

Feel free to reach out to CSBille@webtv.com for more information.

Beginning in April, meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month will begin at 11:00 am and include lunch and an educational or inspirational program.

The fellowship also actively supports the needs of seniors who are homebound or no longer drive. To help with this aspect of the  Senior’s Fellowship, please contact linns@sbcglobal.net.

Please ensure to check our Calendar to find the next Senior’s gathering.



Music and Choral
Greek Dance
Altar boys and acolytes

Music & Choral

Holy Trinity's talented and dedicated mixed choir sings the responses at Sunday Divine Liturgy, during Holy Week, and on major feasts and special occasions. For more information please contact choir@holytrinitysf.org

Our chanters serve Holy Trinity at virtually every service. For more information about our chanters, please contact chanter@holytrinitysf.org.


Adult Greek Dance

Holy Trinity also has a vibrant and award-winning adult Greek dance program. To join our adult Greek dance group, please contact Nick Metrakos at: nick.metrakos@gmail.com or contact Peter Vlahakos at: pvlahakos@aol.com


Adult Catechism

Father Aris instructs persons interested in joining the Church. He can be reached at fr.aris@yahoo.com.

Adult Sunday School

On every Sunday that youth are scheduled for Sunday School, adults meet for class in the church from 9:55 to 10:25.



Acolytes assist with the Divine Liturgy and other services. Boys (at least nine years old) and men who feel called to serve in the altar should contact Father Dn. Vasiilios at: dn.vasilios.sf@gmail.com